Cities: Skylines.. My first impression and small tutorial


So it has been about 4 days that I got the game Cities: Skylines, and here is my personal first impression. This games is a simulation strategy kind of game in which you create your own city using a variety of items, tools and other stuff you unlock during the game. The purpose of the game is just to have fun, be creative, build a city as you like it and succeed! This can be challenging for some but at the same time fun.

I have played a few games like this, Zoo Tycoon I and II, Sea World Adventure Parks Theme and Prison Architect, each having their own setting and theme. From all those I enjoyed playing Zoo Tycoon and Prison Architect, what I liked from them is the tutorial that each game has in order to get you used to the game or familiar with what each building, cage, animal etc does in each game. It’s good for new guys playing the game to get their feet wet when trying to learn the mechanics of the game, just enough to get you started.

I played so far this game for a would say, 6 hours tops. I started the game and to my surprise there was no tutorial, unless I was so blind and couldn’t see it. The only help I saw was on the left side of the screen has a link to go to their wiki site to get tips to get started. Anyways, I started 3 games one after another after failing for one or another reason. On my 4th city I was finally able to understand the mechanics of the game.cities

On the screen-shot here you can see the bottom of the screen 3 colored bars: green, blue and orange. Each color means something, its pretty much explained if you hoover over the color, I didn’t know that so I struggled for some time. Green for residential, blue for commercial and orange for industrial, each bar will fill up when there is need for it. Next make sure to set a good location for your houses, commercial and industrial, this can help a lot once the city starts growing. Next Start by adding a piece of road to get all other items unlocked, set the water and sewer down first. If you set them on running water make sure water is flowing towards sewer otherwise your citizens will get sick, if adding them to standing water separate them otherwise the sewer will pollute the running water and you will end up pumping dirty water to houses.When running pipes run all the water pipes first then in the middle of the water pipe connect the sewer, if you connect both at the main point the water and sewer will mix and still get citizens sick. When adding electric make sure once selecting a turbine to place them on the darkest blue area to get fastest wind speed and generates more electricity. On both look at the shaded area that each will cover, no need to use many pipes or power lines if not needed.

The last important tip, is when you unlock the taxes and budget, play with it, rise taxes by 1% when needed, you will be rising and lowering  throughout the game. If the city needs more commercial and industrial then it will be good to increase their taxes by 1% or 2%, it will help you generate more money. On budget lower it to about 85%-90% don’t spend much money on them if not necessary.  If you get to the point that you are actually making money and not losing it, wait don’t build no more, wait until the money saves generates, once you save enough start building parks to raise the value of land near houses and people keep upgrading houses. That’s all the help I can provide, once you start playing it you will see what I mean on this blog, also check this video it helped me a lot. Good luck, and leave a comment below.


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