Weekend Gameplay!


First weekend has passed and I think I did pretty good. So this weekend I played Minecraft and Cities Skylines, and I had a really good time, I couldn’t stream them but here is the re-cap. In Minecraft I ventured to the Nether World, in search for the Nether Fortress, but I had no luck, and tried a new mod pack, Departed. In my first attempt I died a couple of times lol it wasn’t as expected, after playing for a good hour or so I found nothing but lava. I went online and found some good tips on how to locate the Fortress but I wasn’t able to find it. In my first nether attempt I was killed by zombie-pigs, and the next one I tried to escape a ghast but I fell to my death. I then tried the new mod pack (new for me) Departed, which after reading what the pack was about, I was excited to tried it. Guess what? I failed!! At least for me it was hard, many new mobs which killed me at every step I took, I have to keep practicing to get better.

Since Steam still had the summer sale, I went ahead and bought Cities Skylines and I had a good time. I had played many similar games, like Zoo Tycoon and my favorite Prison Architect. Unlike Prison Architect I don’t build cells and have inmates fight to death. In Cities Skyline I have to build a successful city, with all that comes in a city, at least from what I played so far I was able to build schools, stores, homes, police and fire departments. The more people that come to your city to live the more upgrades you get or levels you advance. Its a fun game, I will keep playing it and see how far I can get. In the mean time check out the preview below with commentary from IGN.


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