Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5..welcome back!



After several years, more like 8 years if I’m not mistaken, Tony Hawks Pro Skater series is finally coming with a new game for the new generation consoles. Do you remember the game Ride, in which you could ride a board and play the game on the Xbox 360, Wii and PS3? No? Well I do, somewhat, well that was the last spin-off game release in 2009 as a skateboarding game. I really didn’t think I would see another skateboarding game they were fun and all but with better graphics, new Next Generation consoles I thought those kind of games would be history, and I was wrong.

Well this year E3 had many surprises, and one of those is this new Pro Skater game. from images found online I can say the graphics will look really good, but would the game play improve? I mean is just another skating game right? I just to be a huge fan of the Pro Skater series, I remember buying each new game coming out, but after Pro Skater 4 it kind of got boring, the same old thing, ollies, nollies, kickflip and 50-50 to name a few. Yes there were better graphics on each game, new locations and new players, but the concept was the same, just to skate around, collect tapes, form letters, and stuff. A new refresh on the game can help a lot. This game is developed using the Unreal Engine 3 which was used to develop Gears of War. even though the game engine was built in 2004 it has been maintained and the most stable release was done in February 2015.

So back to the game, it has been said you will be able to build your own skater and park, which I think this will help the game a bit, other players will want to explore the different kinds of skate parks other players create. Players will be able to play online against other players, what I heard is that it may not have a local multiplayer mode, maybe I read that part wrong. Anyways what I am not sure and maybe some of you may know, is if the skater will be able to roam in a free world? Kind of like previous titles, is kind of boring to be stuck in your skateboard the whole time with out being able to get off the board and walk around, don’t you think? Check out the Game Informer article here.


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