Another year has passed and another game is coming. Just like every year a new version of FIFA will finally be released for all consoles and PC, when I saw all consoles I mean Xbox ONE, Xbox 36, PS4 and PS3, and like always we get a great preview video, which is always great, I think the main reason I get FIFA games besides from the players and teams is because of the great intro videos shown previous to the release. This year we will get FIFA 16, as the new FIFA game is released a lot of gamers will switch from the previous version if a new or big update has been done. In my case I wait at least one year in between games before switching versions. I had FIFA 12 and waited til FIFA 14, but went ahead and grabbed FIFA 15, I think because there was new mechanics in the game and because FIFA 14 had a horrible offside mechanics,at least in my opinion, in every match I played i had an offside and on the reply you an clearly see it wasn’t.

Anyways back to the game, in every post I kind of side track myself from the main subject, I need to focus a bit more. So on this new version beside new players, (like always) they will have for the first time women in the game. You will be able to play as the National Team for 12 countries, which are Germany, USA, France, Sweden, England, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Spain, China, Italy and Mexico. If you decide to play with one of this women national team, you will only be able to play against other women national teams. FIFA 16 has been optimized with new mechanics, better player skills, and new improved graphic engine. Like on previous games on the Ultimate Team you get gold cards, something like coaches, some of you may be familiar with this, on this new version you get to pick between Messi and Pele. Check out IGN’s DEMO Gameplay Review here, and if you like to watch the women video check it below, it is worth it if you like soccer (futbol).


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