Minecraft Hololense!!


As a Minecraft fan I can say that this information was music to my ears. Could I afford it when it comes out? Maybe not lol but I can start saving so by the time this is actually out for sale I may be able to afford it. So back to the game, Minecraft has been a great game in my opinion, it could be better but I cant complaint since it keeps me entertained. After I saw the live footage of the Hololense and Minecraft I was speechless, it was awesome, now will it work the same way? Who knows, we seen many games and technologies that promise the best on the testing phase but when they come out they actually do less or are not that great as they promised. I showed the video to my wife and my nephew, all three of use want it. When I saw the guy get up and started using the table-set to display the game, I had a wooooooow face, it looked amazing. Check the video on Polygon. What do you guys think? Will it be worth it? I think so. Leave your comments below!


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