Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

Zelda Tri Force Heroes

Zelda Tri Force Heroes

How many of you are Zelda fans? I can say I am a really big fan of the Zelda video games. I have played most of them but not finished them all. I think the only ones I have not finished are the first Zelda and Zelda II Adventures of Link, oh and Skyward Sword. But besides that I played all the other ones. Anyways back to the main purpose of the post, I been waiting for a new Zelda since the 3Ds A Link Between Worlds, which was the newest title on the 3Ds, beside Majora’s Mask but that is a remake of the original from N64. We know Nintendo is working on a new title from several videos already released of the New upcoming Zelda game with better graphics, I believe I read somewhere in which they stated the new Zelda game will not come out until the next Generation Console comes out, again on this I may be wrong. But after viewing this new game Tri Force heroes, it reminded me so much of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords, just with better resolution and processing. I saw a few videos and it shows how there was to be team work in order to move levels and fight bosses.Check the link below for a quick preview of the game .What do you guys think of this game? As a Zelda fan I’m sure I will end up getting it.


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