Twitch Stream: Dayz Noob, 3rd day playing

Dayz Logo


Well today was a short stream day, I just played for the 3rd time some Dayz, is an actual pretty cool game. I got it on sale from Steam since right now they are having their summer sale event, it wasn’t much but hey a couple of bucks is good for me. If you are interested in the game right now is the time to get it, it may be cheaper later or it may be more expensive, so give it a shot, check the link below to get it, and of course you do need a steam account.

I ran into an issue when trying to stream it, since today was my first actual day streaming Dayz, I have streamed other games but not this one. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) would see the game but when trying to preview or actually stream it, it would just show a black screen, so I had to rely on the good old Google and I found the solution, which was to enable the anti-cheat compatibility hooking, which is a setting when you go into the game properties, you can find the full description here. Besides that little issue I had a good time playing it. I will try to play that game more often on stream, in the mean time good night and see you soon!

Steam Dayz Sale


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