Recore My first impression!

Xbox One Recore

Xbox One Recore

Recore is a new upcoming game for the Xbox One which when I saw the video for some reason it reminded me of Star Wars, I really believed it was footage for the new Battlefront, but after watching the whole video I was disappointed and happy at the same time. I was sad because it was not Star Wars, but what I saw was pretty impressive, at least from the preview. Why did I think it was Star Wars, well because of the sandy environment, the almost similar covered face just in Star Wars The Old Republic characters that I’ve seen. But anyways, it was not Star Wars, it was Recore, which from the video I think it will be a pretty cool video game, I’m assuming the blue core orb will be able to be changed to different robots to assist you on whatever you need to do? Who knows, but for the mean time check out the Official site and check the YouTube video below and tell me what do you think?


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